About Nicole

Nicole Michalsk is a Life Strategist, Speaker, Author of Getting to the Summit: How to Fail Your Way to the Top, Creator of the Your Best Life Yet Summit, and a Contributor to the Thrive Global Community.

She is a mother of 3 beautiful girls who keep her on her toes all day. Nicole has learned to embrace the constant fluctuation in her daily life and to just roll with it. Balance? What’s that? She now works to stay connected in the present moment and makes adjustments as she goes. Nicole also considers herself to be somewhat of a coffee connoisseur as it has become a necessity through out her day!

One crucial realization that Nicole had which allowed to her to move through one of the most difficult times in her life was that no matter what was happening in her outer world she always had full control over how she chose to react! It’s our reactions to what’s going on around us that is holding us back from achieving the things we really want in life!

The difference between staying stuck where you are and creating a better life for yourself is ACTION. The best REACTION that you can have to create change is to take ACTION! This is the key to making any change in your life, whether it’s getting healthy, achieving your goals or even breaking through your anxiety.

The best part of creating positive change in your life is to have someone in your corner cheering you on, encouraging you to take action everyday, especially on those days when you don’t want to, that’s where Nicole can help you rise above your challenges. Decide and take action, it doesn’t have to be complicated, so often we allow ourselves to over complicate life and what it takes to succeed. I encourage you to keep it simple,take small action steps consistently everyday. That’s how you create lasting change in your life, by taking consistent action to develop your new patterns and beliefs. Best of all, these strategies that will help you change your behavior are backed by science!

Her company Ignite Your Purpose exists to help driven women navigate the delicate dance of being a working mother and still creating the family time that is so important and desired. This in itself can be the cause of much stress and anxiety in our lives, she understands this struggle as she has lived through it herself. Nicole helps other women through this process by sharing her valuable strategies and tools that she has used to create positive and lasting changes in her own life. They are available through her speaking events, book, online programs, free resources and social media channels. Nicole believes that everything is energy. With everything being energy it’s all connected, it’s our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns in our life that create our external world. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, you have to take full responsibility for where you are at this moment, this second in your life.

We are constantly growing and learning. The great part is that we can always make changes too the areas of our lives which we are not happy with at any moment.