Getting to the Summit: How to Fail Your Way to the Top

Book Description

Do you feel like you’re constantly struggling and just don’t get it? Do you feel guilty because you want to pursue your passion or career but at the same time still want to be there for your kids?

Nicole Michalski is a Life Strategist, Author of Getting to the Summit: How to Fail Your Way to the Top, Creator of the Your Best Life Yet Summit, Speaker and a Contributor to the Thrive Global Community.

Nicole wrote Getting to the Summit: How to Fail Your Way to the Top as a way to help driven women navigate the delicate dance of being a working mother and still creating the family time that is so important and desired. This in itself can be the cause of much stress and anxiety in our lives, she understands this struggle as she has lived through it herself. Through this process Nicole learnt how to manage her fears, doubts, critics, and even the dream stealers that showed up. She started to set realistic expectations of what it takes to succeed, the hard work, the days of not knowing exactly what to do.

She helps others through this process by being open and vulnerable, going into very personal details of the struggles and challenges that she faced in all areas of her life including relationships! By sharing her valuable strategies and tools that she has used to create positive and lasting changes in her own life, Nicole encourages you to keep moving forward towards
your goals and dreams.


In this vulnerable and beautifully honest account of a woman’s journey through self-discovery and the entrepreneurial landscape, Nicole Michalski, writes from the heart in a way that only a true leader can.

Tricia Brouk
Writer / Director / Choreographer / TEDx Producer

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Nicole Michalski