Nicole has been a featured speaker on Women Talk at several of their locations sharing her story of how she overcame her extreme anxiety and created serenity in her life.

Through her journey of overcoming anxiety as well as the personal growth and development that followed Nicole has had the opportunity to speak in front of many groups including high school students and organizations. She is able to speak and run workshops on a variety of topics centred around anxiety, mindset, goal setting, overcoming challenges and creating breakthroughs in your life.

Nicole believes in sharing her real life stories and experiences with her audience as well as teaching them the tools and strategies that she used to create lasting positive change in her life so that they can achieve their own success!

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Reasons to Book Nicole

Nicole is authentic and relatable , she shares her personal story and experiences in a heart felt way which allows her to connect with her audience. Through this process Nicole is able to build a rapport with her audience encouraging them to take action with the tools and strategies she teaches to allow them to create lasting change in their lives, while giving them the confidence and belief in themselves to achieve their goals and see the success they deserve.

Nicole is able to customize her message to connect with her audience’s specific challenges and pain points to help them create and realize the change they deeply desire. You see, she knows that is our reactions to what’s going on in our life that’s holding us back. Change your reactions, change your life!

Your audience will receive actionable tools and strategies which they can start using immediately.

Nicole’s message is interactive, she create audience participation to build a lasting connection and encourages life changing experiences by using science to back her strategies.

Nicole believes that lasting change starts with a decision followed by immediate action to work towards the goal. She encourages her audience to take action right away, during her talk, so they leave feeling inspired to continue working towards their goals.

If you’re looking for someone to bring passion and enthusiasm for her calling while challenging her audience to self-awareness all while delivering them the tools and strategies to change their lives, Nicole is the one!

Below are topics Nicole has created using her 10 years of experience researching and implementing the latest tools and strategies in the personal growth and development fields. Each topic can be tailored in to a talk or a workshop to fit the audience’s needs. Every talk and workshop is unique from the next customized to achieve her audience’s requests, and each talk is tailored to deliver actionable tools, strategies, and confidence to the audience so they can start on their path to achieving success.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power: Moving from Anxiety into Serenity
With an ever changing world and constant need to adapt there are now more people than ever before suffering from anxiety. Anxiety brings along its own challenges and issues, adding to the difficulty many of us are facing at this time. Nicole shares with you her 7 key realizations that she had while overcoming her own battle with anxiety which allowed her to break free from this vicious cycle. In this talk Nicole will breakdown her 7 key realizations into actionable steps that the audience will be able to implement in their own lives allowing them to create more serenity.

Why Your Goal Setting isn’t Working: How to Set Yourself Up for Success!
Ever wonder why some people are able to set goals and start achieving them right away, yet others seem to always struggle? We all have a life time of experience built up to this point which our subconscious draws on to predicted our future success. Through her many years of personal growth and development training Nicole has uncovered 1 very important key aspect to goal setting that many overlook. Through her discovery process Nicole is able to help her audience release the blocks that are standing in the way of achieving their goals so they can realize the success they deserve.

Mindset Reset: It’s True What We Think About We Bring About!
We’ve all heard the advice, just think positive. Easier said than done right? In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with negativity it can seem almost
impossible to rise above the collective noise. There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction, in this talk Nicole shares with you how to effectively apply the proper tools and strategies of the Law of Attraction so that you can rise above the noise and start attracting more of what you would like to have in your life. Here’s a sneak peak about the talk, it’s so much more than just; I AM ……. statements, we are going to talk about why they DON’T often work.

Practical Balance in an Ever Changing World
Balance is often misunderstood as making all things equal and giving equal time to all things or areas in your life. According to the dictionary, balance is defined as: a means of judging or deciding: a counterbalancing weight, force, or influence: mental and emotional steadiness. You see contrary to what most people believe finding balance does not come from giving equal time or attention to all things or areas of your life. Attempting to achieve balance this way will only lead to exhaustion and in the inability to do anything with real commitment, passion, intention or zest in your life.

Nicole shares how balance is going to look different for everyone. She teaches you the tools and strategies that you need to find YOUR unique life balance; this will simplify your life in a way that brings freedom and peace of mind. Nicole reminds us that what works for someone else may not work for you and that’s ok. We all have our own unique way of working through life.

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“I have participated in Nicole’s personal growth and development classes over the last couple of years and have used resources from her classes in my teaching and business endeavors. I have found the content and resources given to help me to be more effective in my interactions and outcomes. The Goal Setting Course has allowed me to break down my thoughts so that I could concretely identify my personal goals and she outlined a pathway that was simple to follow to achieve my goals.

I feel that Nicole is able to use her past experiences, and intuitive nature, to help others find where they are experiencing blockages and give them tools to move forward. If you are looking for an add-value for students or employees, Nicole can bring that to the table for you.”

Coral Rose Entrepreneur/Teacher

“Nicole’s workshop is literally life changing, and she has talents in SO many areas. For me, I appreciated being able to connect all the pieces in my life so they aligned with my purpose. As I get all her recommendations and practices into place everything seems to
be coming together in a way I have only dreamed about. I am a dreamer and if you are too, Nicole is the girl to channel everything you ever wanted your life to look like so you can manifest it to reality!!! Thanks Nicole!!”

Tara Tjepkema Entrepreneur

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